Blackgum Estate - Metcalfe Victoria
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The Property

Blackgum Estate is situated 9 kms North East of the historic village of Malmsbury, and 1.6 kms from the old farming and grazing town of Metcalfe.

The 4.5 Ha vineyard has lovely North facing slopes in a very picturesque setting. An altitude of 420 metres above sea level, the soil is sandy and granitic. The cool to warm climate at Metcalfe allows to consistently ripen fruit.

The property is nestled between Mount Alexander and Mount Macedon with spectacular views of the nearby hills, the Metcalfe State Forest, the meandering beauty of the Coliban River and the Cascades.

The Blackgum tree stands majestically over the vineyards and dams. The Eucalyptus trees scent the air.